For the first time since December, Bermudian artist Robert D Bassett is set to open a new exhibit on Friday, featuring a new artist.

He has been working flat out ever since Christmas on ‘Rhythm of the Hue’, which opens at the Onion Gallery of the Bermuda Society of Arts City Hall gallery.

A special reception to mark the opening will be held from 5pm to 7pm on July 1st.

This new exhibit will also introduce the artisitic work of Rochelle Duncan.

A spokeswoman described Ms Duncan as a talented self-taught artist who is “a bit of a late bloomer to art”.

“This will be her first art exhibition ever, after being pressed to do one.

“Robert promised her that he would include her in his next show as her introduction to Bermuda’s art scene,” she added.

Ms Duncan lived in the US up until about five years ago, and returned home after marriage, while “enjoying creating works of art”.

Mr Bassett, however, is no stranger to Bermuda’s art scene.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, he said: “I have been diligently working on this one ever since.”

Asked what the audience could expect he said: “Viewers can expect a lot of colour and bold images. There will be something for everyone.

The new exhibit will feature a bit of the old and new works of art.

“You can expect to see a bit of my old style and some newer pieces that might generate a little buzz. Having said that, Rochelle is a fantastic artist who also likes bold colours and images.

“I think this exhibit will be an interesting mix,” Mr Bassett said.

“I would encourage people to come and see art that is different and bold. That would challenge Bermuda’s idea on what art should be. But then again that is all I know. It will be different.”

The show, which opens this Friday, runs through to July 26th. And Bermuda Real will be in the house for the opening to give you a sneak peak next week.

By Ceola Wilson