News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – In an interview on Friday (Sept 25), FDM Leader Marc Bean rejected the scientific consensus and said that wearing masks does not help to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
Minister Walter Roban responded calling the FDM Party’s anti-mask position dangerous and reiterated the need to listen to science.
“All of the experts agree – masks stop the spread of the coronavirus. The PLP ably managed the coronavirus situation and with the potential of a second wave, Bermudians need to ask themselves if we want representatives in the House of Assembly questioning the science and questioning the medical consensus.
“We did such a good job managing the coronavirus because, unlike our friends in the United States, we did not make masks and physical distancing a political issue. We agreed as a society in the global scientific consensus.
“Masks are not comfortable. No one likes wearing them. They are meant to save lives.
“If we stop wearing masks and we ease up on our testing regime, we can move to community spread which we’ve avoided to date. That will mean more cases leading to more hospitalisations and sadly death. The FDM Party’s anti-mask position is dangerous and we must ensure that those who advocate against capable management of the coronavirus remain out of the House of Assembly.
“We need leaders that listen to science and act in the best interest of Bermudians. Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Remain physically distant. This election is now about making sure that this consensus exists in Bermuda.”