The Ministry of Public Works issued two road traffic notices this week, one on traffic restrictions that will be in place for the Ag Show that starts tomorrow (April 27), and the other regarding a lane closure.

Traffic restrictions will be in place for the Ag Show between 8am and 7pm from Thursday, April 27, to Saturday, April 29.

The lane closure for final utility trench work on Harrington Sound Road in Hamilton Parish, will affect motorists in the areas of Devil’s Hole to Knapton Hill.

That work starts on Tuesday, May 9 and will run through to Friday, June 16th, 2023, for Link Bermuda, One Communication, MPW water section, & BELCO.

There will be no parking permitted on the north side of Harrington Sound Road for the D & C Grill Restaurant and all parking should be relocated to the Devil’s Hole public dock parking lot.

Traffic control will be managed by Invisible Trenching representatives through cones, traffic light and signage.

The Ministry of Public Works advise pedestrians and pedal bike riders to proceed through this area with caution for their safety, encourage the full cooperation of the public, and apologizes for any inconvenience that may result.

Should there be any questions regarding these works, contact Mrs Tina Beer-Searle, Principal Highways Engineer for the Ministry of Public Works on 501-3044.