Jarion Richardson is now officially the OBA Party Leader after being elected by acclamation – with no one challenging him for leadership, after no challenges were fielded for the post.

Mr Richardson was appointed as interim leader when Cole Simons stepped down earlier this year.

from politics this year and he confirmed last month that he would be standing for the leadership role.

In a statement released today, the party said MPs Susan Jackson and Ben Smith are vying for the position of Deputy Leader.

Four nominees, Elizabeth Deacon, Jospeh Marable, Ikeysha Wales and Kim Wales, are looking to be Deputy Chair of the party, Aguinaldo Mederios will remain Party Chair until his tenure ends in one year.

A vote will be held next week to determine who will fill post of deputy leader.

The OBA’s annual conference is scheduled to be held on Monday at Pier Six on Front Street, for OBA members only.

Register online at oba.bm.