A question that has been raging to be addressed in social media is: “Are there really two Bermudas?” So let me take a look at this issue and provide my own opinion and commentary on the topic at hand.

Now, as far as geographically and ideologically, there is only one Bermuda. However, let’s be real! When this question is posed, it is not looking at the physical location of Bermuda or what some really desire Bermuda to be.

The reality is, that if so many have to ask the question, then it suggests that there are indeed “different” Bermudas inside of this one little island called Bermuda.

As a matter of fact, one does not need to look at the physical structure of Bermuda to address this question. One must instead look at the spirit of the people of Bermuda. Are the people of the general mindset? Do all the people in Bermuda really want what is best for everyone in Bermuda? Do all of the people in Bermuda truly desire that all the people living in the place called Bermuda have equal access to success?

Now, if you consider those questions, then there is no way you can even think that Bermuda is one people. No, Bermuda (the people) is made up of various factions.

One person asked the question about the two Bermudas and wanted comments about how many Bermudas there really are.

Here was my response:

1. Blacks who only like blacks

2. Whites who only like whites

3. Blacks who like whites because they “can take them places”

4. Whites who only like blacks because they can “keep them in places”

5. Blacks who like whites during certain occasions but not others. For example: We like blacks for 24 May but will not invite those same people to dinner

6. Blacks who like whites that make them feel better, but know that they are our of touch with their own people

7. Blacks who “identify” as whites because they have “made it” to the other side of “private this and that…

The divide in Bermuda is very “subtle and unique”. Let’s take a look at when there is a hurricane approaching or right after the hurricane has hit Bermuda and left our vicinity. It is then that we can catch a glimpse of one Bermuda. The blacks and whites help each other and make sure that all returns to normal.

Oh-oh… What is normal? I believe that would be the two or more Bermudas, where you occupy your space, and I occupy my space.

Then you look at most of the marches on Parliament. They are by and large populated by black Bermudians. Now if the march brings about change, that change will benefit blacks, whites, and others. Yet, “others” do not fight the grassroots’ battle.

Where in the world can you see a first class event, showcasing the natural beauty of Bermuda, and screams of the existence of two of more Bemrudas?

Here is the thing about the disunity of two or more Bermudas. If the reality of these Bermudas is not admitted, there will be a persistence of their very existence. Why would anyone want there to be two or more Bermudas? Well, it benefits one of the groups in the demographic. Also, I do believe that by nature, the Darwinism of humanity causes one group to want to thrive more than the other group, no matter what.

We are headed into an election, and by golly gee, the two or more Bermudas will be screaming from here on out.

Let’s not be in denial. All of Bermuda is not for all of Bermuda. Also, let me state that a healthy debate or healthy disagreement is not an indicator of two or more Bermudas. No, rather it is a pure desire to systematically keep one set of Bermudians at the lower end of the totem pole, which is an indicator of two Bermudas.

My thinking is that it is best to know the truth and deal with it, rather than living in La-La land and thinking that all is swell and well in the one island of Bermuda. It is not.

Hopefully, some day, those seven or so Bermuda’s will dwindle down to two or three. The key is to guard your heart and not allow the bitterness of division to cast a perpetually negative cloud over your vision.

Blessings Abound!

* Rev Dr Maria Seaman is the founder and Pastor of Shekinah Worship Centre, Bermuda under the spiritual covering of Bishop Jacqueline E McCullough of The International Gathering of Beth Rapha. Dr Seaman is an author of four books: The World of the Womb in God’s Plan for Man, Wombs II, A voice Crying Out in a Wilderness Called Paradise, and Wombs III Expect the Unexpected: Leah’s Womb. She has co-authored three books and is the founder/producer of Shekinah’s 24-hour cable channel, “SWIM TV”. Dr Seaman firmly believes, “The safest place to be, is in the will of God.”