When we heard of your passing on Tuesday, August 22, 2018, our hearts sank with deep regret.

It would be another 24-hours before I could even think about calling up these photos. 

I will never forget how radiant you looked that day. And your smile was brighter than ever! It was such a happy day for you and your family. I will never forget it!

Whenever there’s another soul debilitated by this menacing life-threatening disease, the impact of the loss runs deep.

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t lose another life to CANCER! 

When the struggle is over, because we as loved ones, who have lost someone dear to this disease; have lived through the pain with our dearly departed, there’s an immense feeling of relief that transcends the bitter impact of another life ended ahead of its time.

Here we go again – blows my mind each and every time. To this day I still get stuck on WHY!

Ms Caisey is survived by her partner, Wayne Tucker, sisters Damina and Doleta, brother Julian, her one and only son Kemon Simmons, three grandchildren, Kezie Richardson, Keda and Koi Simmons and numerous other relatives and friends. She was pre-deceased by her parents Julie and Howard Caisey.

To your dearly departed family members, countless relatives, friends and sister-friends, hold on to the memories. 

Hold on to the thought that there is no more pain.

RIP IN PEACE Maria ‘Tillie’ Caisey SLEEP IN PEACE!