News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – In light of the recent uptick in positive COVID-19 cases, the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) advises the public to avoid visiting police stations to make reports unless absolutely necessary.

Exceptions include victims of abuse attending a police station to make a report or receive assistance and individuals on bail – who are still required to report to a police station as specified in their bail conditions.

In all other cases, residents are encouraged to call 211 or use the BPS community reporting portal at – keeping 911 for emergency calls only.

If you must make an in person report at a police station, we urge you to please observe proper safety practices in keeping with COVID-19 guidelines.

•             Please, wear a mask

•             Please, use the hand sanitiser facility upon entering the station

•             Please, practice physical distancing

If the situation warrants that an officer comes to your residence, we urge you to inform the officer you speak with on the phone, whether:

•             Any occupant has been diagnosed as having COVID-19

•             Any occupant has recently returned from overseas travel

•             Any occupant has displayed symptoms of cold or flu

Officers responding to calls will, in the interest of public and personal safety, maintain a safe physical distance during questioning or recording of information. This is for the good of both the individual(s) requesting assistance and the officer.

Let’s all work together to ensure each other’s safety and reduce the spread of COVID-19.