News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Department of Parks is seeking proposals from suitable concessionaires to provide beach/park concession services at eighteen (18) public parklands for summer 2023 (1 March to 31 December). 

Locations of these concessions and square footage are detailed below:

  • Admiralty House Park (2 sites: 15ft x 10ft and 10ft and 10ft) 
  • Church Bay Park (2 sites: 15ftx10ft) 
  • Elbow Beach Park (1 site: 15ft x 10ft) 
  • Government Waterfront Park (1 site: 15ft x 10ft) 
  • John Smiths Bay (2 sites: 20ft x 10ft and 15ft x 10ft) 
  • Kindley Field Park (4 sites: all sites 20ft x 10ft) 
  • Parsons Road Park (2 siteS: 15ft x 10ft) 
  • Horseshoe Bay (2 sites: 10ft x 10ft) 
  • Chaplin Bay (1 site: 20ft x 10ft) 
  • Warwick Long Bay (1 site: 15ft x 10ft) 
  • Daniel’s Head Beach Park (1 site: 10ft x 10ft) 
  • Ducking Stool Park (1 site: 15ft x 10ft) 
  • Great Head Park – St. David’s Battery (1 site: 15ft x 10ft) 
  • Mangrove Bay (1 site: 10ft x 10ft) 
  • Shelly Bay (3 sites: 15ft x 10ft) 
  • Somerset Long Bay (1 site: 15ft x 10ft) 
  • Penhurst Park (1 site: 10ft x 10ft) 
  • Ferry Point Park (1 site: 15ft x 10ft) 

Proposals may be submitted for one or more of the above-listed locations, with the understanding that only one location will be awarded per concessionaire. 

The Commercial Activity application form and concession location maps can be collected at the Department of Parks’ main office at Global House, Ground Floor, 43 Church Street, Hamilton or from its webpage at

Proposals, along with the completed Commercial Activity application form, must be hand-delivered to the Reception Desk of the Department of Parks’ Main Office, Global House, 43 Church Street, Hamilton, Ground Floor, or submitted via e-mail to by 3pm on February 14, 2023

Applicants are urged to comply with the requirements mentioned above to avoid rendering the proposal submission null and void. 

Questions must be forwarded to Mrs Jessica Carvalho (Assistant Park Planner) at during the proposal period, with final questions sent by February 10, 2023

It is anticipated that the RFP evaluation and concessionaire notification will take place forthwith.