World renowned portrait photographer with close Bermuda connections, Alistair Morrison, has returned to the island to commence photographing for new artwork which celebrates the legacy of Bermuda.
This unique project is being sponsored by British Airways and the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. When completed later this year, the series will be donated to Bermuda and unveiled at the hotel, where it will be displayed.
Mr Morrison has chosen 11 Bermuda icons to sit for portraits and  will also include two more people chosen by the public. Nominations can be made online at Nominators must provide an example as to how their nominee has contributed greatly to the strength of the Bermudian community. Nominations can also be mailed to Bermudian Legacy, P.O. Box HM 2969, Hamilton HM MX.  The deadline is this Friday, June 15th.
  • Photo supplied: Sir John Swan with photographer Alistair Morrison at the Hamilton Princess Hotel