A second Minister has opted to walk away from Premier David Burt’s Cabinet, but on the one hand he says he revoked the appointment of Renée Ming as Minister of National Security, while she says she quit.

Her departure follows the resignation of Curtis Dickinson, the former Minister of Finance, who jumped ship just before the Budget Statement was due to be delivered in the House of Assembly in February.

Either way, a second resignation in just a few weeks is not a good look for the Progressive Labour Party Government.

Ms Ming told the island’s daily newspaper last night that she “resigned from the Premier’s Cabinet”.

But she declined to give specifics on the reasons for her decision.

“I resigned for many reasons. There were many reasons. He decided to do it this way, but I resigned,” she said.

Earlier in the day, the Premier said: “I met with MP Ming today (Weds) and informed her of my decision and to thank her for her service.

“I would like to thank MP Ming for her service in Cabinet. I’m sure she will continue to be a forceful voice for her constituents as she continues her service in the House of Assembly.”

On Ms Ming’s letter of resignation, he added: “I informed her that I would not accept it as I had already advised the Governor of my decision regarding her appointment.

“I indicated to ministers yesterday that, now that the budget session has concluded, I would be holding meetings with a view to making changes to the configuration of the Cabinet.”

The “new Cabinet configuration” is expected to be announced next Monday.

In the interim, Wayne Furbert, the Cabinet Office Minister, would be the Acting Minister of National Security.

Ms Ming was appointed to the post in July 2020 after Wayne Caines was forced to resign with Zane DeSilva as a result of the fallout over a party that breached COVID restrictions.

Meanwhile, One Bermuda Alliance MP Michael Dunkley, the Shadow Minister of National Security said the Premier is facing some heavy crosswinds ahead.

“If it was not evident by now it surely is with the latest firing, David Burt is facing significant headwinds within his own party and with the people of Bermuda,” said Mr Dunkley.

He also noted that the same week “former Minister Ming is at Government House for the swearing in of Commissioner of Police Simons she is fired; couched in political speak that she was ‘invited’ to resign. Without explanation!

“A very short time ago the Finance Minister resigns and last Friday in Parliament the Hon Curtis Dickinson provided a damning indictment of why he felt it necessary to resign. Premier Burt has remained rather quiet.

“The Premier’s trusted circle is getting smaller and smaller while Bermuda faces significant challenges. All hands must be on deck in dealing with our island challenges and not patching up the Premier’s political credibility.”