News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Ministry of Labour wishes to remind the public of the requirements to obtain Bermudian status at birth by a child born to a person who possesses Bermudian status.

The Ministry can advise that currently, a child born outside Bermuda who is a commonwealth citizen will acquire Bermudian status at birth if the Bermudian parent was domiciled and Bermudian at the time of the child’s birth.

Any child not a commonwealth citizen and born to a Bermudian parent who was domiciled and Bermudian at the time of the child’s birth is deemed to possess and enjoy Bermudian status indefinitely.

This allows the child to obtain Bermudian status and work and reside in Bermuda. However, it does not allow the child to obtain a British Overseas Territories passport issued by the Government of Bermuda, the right to vote in a general election or obtain British Nationality. If the child becomes a commonwealth citizen, they would possess (full) Bermudian status.

It is important to note that Bermudian parents of children born overseas no longer have to produce an Affidavit of Domicile when applying for their child’s Bermudian Status. A Declaration of Domicile is included in the Bermudian Status Application Form.

Any person who is not a commonwealth citizen must be naturalised as a British Overseas Territories citizen to acquire Bermudian status.

For a child to become naturalised, they must:

  • Be of good character;
  • Have sufficient knowledge of the English language;
  • Intend that once granted naturalisation, Bermuda will be their principal home;
  • Have been in Bermuda for the period five years before the date of application, and the number of days absent from Bermuda in that period does not exceed 450;
  • Not have been absent from Bermuda for more than 90 days during the 12 month period before the date of application; and
  • Not at any time in the 12 month period before the date of application been subject to Bermuda immigration laws that restrict the time they may remain in the country; and
  • In the period five years before the date of application, not at any time be in breach of Bermuda immigration laws.

Applications for Bermudian Status and Naturalisation as British Overseas Territory Citizens are available at the Repatriation and Mixed Status Families page on Please contact the Department of Immigration via email at or call 295-5151 ext. 1378 for further information or questions.