News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Premier David Burt paid a visit on Thursday, to the home of Mr Randolph Hayward Esq who served with the 1st Battalion, Caribbean Regiment (Bermuda Contingent) during World War II.

Mr Hayward was among those men deployed from Bermuda to Italy and Egypt in 1944 in support of the war effort. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of their departure for overseas service.

Writing on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary in 1994, Rev Dr Erskine C Simmons noted: “You volunteered to serve and were prepared to lay down your lives for freedom and democracy even though you did not enjoy the benefits of those freedoms. Therefore Bermuda owes you an even greater debt of gratitude for your willingness serve.”

Premier Burt said: “ It was an honour to connect with so distinguished a man as Mr Hayward.

“As we approach Remembrance Day, it is important that we celebrate these living links to our history.

“The ranks of these brave men did not include any officers, based purely on the racial prejudice at the time. Who knows what they might have achieved given the opportunity?”

The Premier also wished Mr Hayward an early happy birthday, presenting the keen gardener with a plant, as he will turn 96 next week.

Happy Birthday To You Mr Hayward!

  • Feature Photos Courtesy of DC