News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – A Bermudian relationship coach has relaunched herbusiness to help her leaders manage conflict and communicate better in the workplace.

Tina Laws, former executive director of Women’s Resource Centre, is the owner and founder of Under Konstruction. She began running her coaching business full time last month where she specializes in conflict resolution in relationships and in the workplace.

She started her business in 2016 with domestic violence services, transitioned to relationship coaching and is now focused on helping leaders communicate effectively with their staff and mediation in the work environment.

Ms Laws says: “I focus on helping leaders communicate effectively as communication is always the underlying issue. Conflict resolution really is a key component of relationship coaching and that’s why I’m able to offer my services for couples, singles and in the workplace. With my background, I’m able to help leaders identify, manage and find solutions to conflict on their teams.

“When we focus on communications, my clients are able to manage conflict, deal with miscommunication and challenges in any relationship, whether at work or at home. This is key to them having a happy work life balance and feeling fulfilled.”

Along with the relaunch of her business, Ms Laws has launched a new program called Own It .It’s a six-week program for women who may have been labeled as aggressive or bossy. Own It will help women who struggle with prioritizing their personal needs, trusting others and maintaining successful relationships.

Ms Laws adds: “Together, we will identify your personal communication style, establish your desired relationships and reposition you to pivot beyond past and current conflicting situations, miscommunication and relationship challenges. Let me help you to refine your communication skills, better manage your intimate, professional and social relationships; and strategize howyou interact with others. In other words, I will help you to own your position in relationships.”

Own It is $1697 and registration is currently open here:

Ms Laws also has a number of upcoming workshops including ‘Working with Control Freaks’ on January 16 at 6:30pm and The Power of Communication for Leaders on January 25th at 1:30pm.

For more information and registration, please visit