News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – In its mandate to promote fair business practices and protect consumers, the Regulatory Authority (‘the Authority’) will host a public consultation to discuss Net Neutrality, also referred to as Open Internet, from May 20 to June 28, 2019.
Open Internet is the principle that Internet Service Providers (‘ISPs’), must provide the public with access to all lawful websites and online data without discrimination. e.g. access to stream movies, send emails or interact on social media platforms.
Denton Williams, CE at the Regulatory Authority commented: “The Authority is established to regulate the electricity and electronic communications sectors in Bermuda and protect consumers. Our role in this instance, is to develop the rules for Open Internet and to clearly define what ISPs can and cannot do with internet traffic.
“Isome jurisdictions, ISPs influence what their customers see and how quickly they see it, by speeding up some services and slowing down or even blocking access to legal content or apps.”
The Authority is asking for feedback from members of the public, businesses in the electronic communications sector and any other interested parties, by visiting their website at and selecting the ‘Open InterneConsultation’ link on the home page by June 28, 2019.