For the second time in five years there has been a slight increase in the number of births in Bermuda.

According to the latest Annual Report of the Registry General for the year ended December 31st in 2016, there were 591 births last year; up by eight or 1.4 percent over the 583 births recorded in 2015.

And more women opted to give birth in the privacy of their own home, with eleven babies born in 2016 in the residence of the parents, an increase of six from the previous year.

In a brief Ministerial Statement while presenting the 20-page report to MPs on Friday, Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown noted that “the distribution of live births by nationality based on information provided by the parents at the time of registration of their children’s birth, for 2016, reflects 80 percent or 473 of the total live births have at least one Bermudian parent”.

“In 2016, 118 or 20 percent of the births have parents who are both non-Bermudian,” he added.

He also noted that 492 deaths were recorded last year, marking at death rate of 7.5 per thousand of the population, reflecting an increase of 14 or 2.9 percent from the 478 deaths recorded in 2015.

“The Report also indicates that there were a total of 503 deaths recorded for the year ending 31st December 2016; eleven were in respect of non-resident persons. One still birth was recorded in 2016,” said Mr Brown.

“There was an increase of 99 or 0.15 percent in the estimated resident population at the end of 2016 at 65,391 as opposed to the 65,292 in resident population estimated in 2015. At the end of 2016 there were 2,751 more females than males in the population figures.”

A total of 450 marriages were performed in Bermuda last year, representing a decrease of 11.6 percent from the 509 marriages recorded in 2015. 

“During 2016 marriages between parties who were both non-residents accounted for 231 or 51.3 percent of the total of 450. This figure still is in keeping with the trend over the past five years for marriages between non-residents to exceed the number of marriages between residents and marriages between a resident party and a non-resident party.

“The Report also shows that there were 177 marriages between parties who were both residents and 42 marriages between a resident and non-resident.”

The Minister also noted that 468 marriages were performed on board 28 Bermuda registered ships last year.

“This total represents a decrease of 97 or 17.2 percent from the 2015 total of 565. The cumulative number of marriages (local and maritime) processed through the Registry General for the year ended 31st December 2016 was 918 compared to 1,074 for the year ending 2015.”

In closing, he said: “The Annual Report seeks to provide an illustrative statistical digest of vital events such as live births, deaths, stillbirths, marriages, adoptions and re-registration of births for the year ended December 31st, 2016.”