A clear indication that Bermuda’s electorate is ready to go to the polls out of the Parliamentary Registrar’s Office today, with word that the first draft of the final register to be published next week is up by 3,002 voters.

The final count will be published on July 3rd, after the seven-day objection period which is in effect now, ends on June 30th. Anyone questioning any names listed has until this Friday to make their objections known.

While the total number may change slightly, the total count to date is 46,654, that’s 3,002 more than the 43,652 registered voters in the last General Election in December of 2012.

Meanwhile, July 4th is Nomination Day for all candidates in the next General Election, including Independent candidates, to pay the $250 fee to run. Three days have been set have been set for the advanced poll, to be held at the Hamilton Seventh-Day Adventist Church on July 11th, 12th and 13th before the July 18th election.

The final register will also have a categorized breakdown of the number of voters in each age group. But a spokesperson for the Parliamentary Registrar’s office noted that it’s fair to say at this stage, that senior citizens will be the largest voting block when Bermudians go to the polls next month.