The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) currently has 57 motorcycles in its Prospect, Devonshire impound. About half, 29, are listed as recovered stolen motorcycles.

Our priority, as always, is to return these vehicles to their rightful owners.

Prior to public notification, several attempts are made by the BPS Impound Office to contact the registered owners of impounded vehicles.

Unfortunately, such efforts are often unsuccessful, due to available contact information being out of date.

Members of the public are encouraged to review the list of registration numbers in the Official Gazette notice on the Government of Bermuda’s website, to identify any vehicle that may belong to them.

The notice can be found at:

The relevant information is also included in the images below.

Registered owners may reclaim their vehicles by contacting the BPS Impound Office, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, at telephone number 247-1751.

Any vehicle not claimed within 21 days, (by 6th November 2023), will be disposed of, in accordance with the Police Property Act, 1921.

It should also be noted that under the law, the BPS does not have the authority to sell impounded vehicles to the general public.