Word that redundancy pay cheques due to be delivered  on Friday has been pushed back to November 20, or before, sparked fury and indignation for the staff left unemployed by the temporary closure of Fairmont Southampton.

The email was sent out on Tuesday saying the ownership group “will continue to work diligently on the coordination of the administrative and payment processes”.

One worker, who contacted Bermuda Real said she was outraged after being out of work since March.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, she said: “I’m pissed off and the large majority of the staff waiting for their redundancy pay that I’ve spoken to feel the same way.”

October marked her seventh month out of work and she said it has been a major struggle just to survive.

The email sent out by the hotel’s management, which was sent to Bermuda Real overnight states:

“In the town hall meeting on September 23rd, we announced the official redundancy date and target date for payment of monies due to colleagues as October 23rd.

“While the redundancy date will still be October 23rd, the date for the redundancy payments will be delayed. It is currently anticipated that you will receive your redundancy payments on or before November 20th.

“Together with the ownership group, we will continue to work diligently on the coordination of the administrative and payment processes.

“We are mindful of the disappointment and frustration this delay creates.

“On a positive note, the employee portion of payroll tax has been waived by the Minister of Finance and this will directly increase the amount you will receive.

“As you can appreciate, we want to continue to be open and transparent in our communication with you and we will continue to provide you with periodic updates.”

Signed “sincerely” by the hotel’s Executive Team.

Our source also stated that the issue was raised on the Bermuda Industrial Union’s radio talkshow – ‘Union Corner‘ on Tuesday evening.

“Listening to the pushback expressed over the air made me even more angry,” she said.