The recruitment process for a new Commanding Officer of the Royal Bermuda Regiment is now underway Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Beasley prepares to leave the post next year.

Colonel Beasley’s “tenure will end by June 2024”.

According to a Government House statement released today: “The role will be advertised locally and will be open to Bermudians and spouses of Bermudians legally able to swear allegiance to the Crown,” the statement said.

“The new appointment will be made by the Governor, having considered a recommendation by the promotions board of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, following a vetting and interview process.”

The successful applicant will be responsible for fulfilling the role of “protecting Bermuda’s interests” with an initial three-year contract.

The deadline for applications is November 14.

Applications must include a military CV and a cover letter, sent to

Colonel Beasley sworn in as the CO in an acting capacity in October 2019 when his predecessor, Lieutenant-Colonel David Curley, was placed on leave.

Colonel Beasley officially took over in early 2020.