News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Governor John Rankin and the Minister of National Security Wayne Caines visited Warwick Camp to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day, the end of the Second World War in Europe on Friday (May 8).

The Governor said: “Current circumstances mean that we cannot mark the event with a parade or a large ceremony.

“But it is right that we take this opportunity to remember the service that Bermudians, and indeed the island of Bermuda, gave in World War II.

“Today we remember the thirty five Bermudians who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War II, helping to secure the peace and freedoms which we can enjoy today. We also pay tribute to the island’s war veterans and indeed to all the men and women of the Royal Bermuda Regiment (RBR) who continue to serve this island so well.”

Minister Caines said: “Bermudians fulfilled vital war services locally and overseas during WWII.

“I particularly wish to recognise the contributions of our Bermudian war veterans who served in the Bermuda Militia Artillery, Bermuda Militia Infantry, Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps and the Bermuda Volunteer Engineers during this time.

“They have a proud record and a long history of military and war involvement.

“Against the backdrop of what the world is collectively facing with COVID-19, and as Bermuda joins other countries in recognizing VE Day – let’s not only remember those who served 75 years ago – but let’s also remember those who are currently on our frontlines fighting to keep us safe – including our RBR soldiers.

“Now more than ever, this observance provides an opportunity to salute the selfless spirit of all who have chosen to serve our country in all capacities. And we are proud of their contribution.”

  • Feature Photos include: Governor Rankin, Minister Caines and US Consul General Constance Dierman during today’s VE Day Anniversary ceremony
  • Note: In World War II the men of the Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps served as a company in the Lincolnshire Regiment.  Two contingents totaling 100 across all ranks fought with the Lincolns in North West Europe and Burma. In 1944 five officers and 100 other ranks of the Bermuda Militia Service, made up of members of the Bermuda Militia Artillery and the Bermuda Militia Infantry, formed the Bermuda contingent of the First Caribbean Regiment which served in Europe and North Africa. At home, the Bermuda Militia Artillery manned the St David’s Battery and later the camp which is today known as Warwick Camp. In 1945 when Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s speech announcing the end of the war in Europe was broadcast, church bells rang across the island in celebration and relief.