New York Daily News: MANHATTAN, NY – Eddie Murphy’s cinematic palace is the real-life crib of a famous rapper.

Rick Ross confirmed to Variety that his massive 45,000-square-foot mansion in Fayetteville, Ga., served as the fictional Zamunda manor in the recently released comedy “Coming 2 America.”

The singer behind the hit songs “The Boss” and “Purple Lamborghini,” claims 1988′s “Coming to America” is one of his all-time favorite films. Now, he’s getting a kick out of knowing that stars Murphy and Arsenio Hall once traipsed through his hallways.

“(The set designers) changed the wallpaper in the dining room so I asked them to keep it up there,” said Ross. “They also created that huge dining room table for a dining scene that seats 50-60 people, and they left that for me as a gift. It’s humongous.”

Production designer Jefferson Sage said one of his most daunting challenges was finding a house that possessed the lavish scale of a palace.

He and his team scouted several locales before honing in on Ross’ estate which sits on 235 acres. Inside, the home features 12 bedrooms and a dining room that can accommodate 100 guests, according to Variety.

“That entrance foyer with the big two-story interior and double-winding staircase was perfect,” explained Sage. “Off of that, there were two beautiful, big rooms with giant windows and 18-foot ceilings. We used five key spaces that we turned into Zamunda.”

“Coming 2 America” set decorator Douglas Mowat tweaked some of the home’s features, including adding more color to give the master bedroom more dimension. He also added silver leaf to the canopy bed.

Sage wanted to ensure that the color palette was in par with the original film.

“But we altered it a bit,” said Sage. “We took the bones of the original set with the idea that they renovated and upgraded regularly.”

“Coming 2 America” is currently streaming on Prime Video.

  • Top Feature Photo: Eddie Murphy (left) and Arsenio Hall star in ‘Coming 2 America’ – Photo: Quantrell D. Colbert/AP