Rain, blow or shine, organisers of the Black Lives Matter march will go ahead as planned today, in spite of early morning rain showers this morning.

The event kicks off at at noon, with the start time listed as 12:45pm at the Birdcage on Front Street in the City of Hamilton.

The protest against police brutality and the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minnesota was arranged to coincide with protest demonstrations around the world, in what is now considering a global movement.

A spokesperson for Black Lives Bermuda, said on Facebook this morning: “Yes !!! We are still marching today.

“Do you think a racist stops being a racist just cause it’s raining?! #BlackLivesMatter.”

The march was set up “for the community to express themselves on systematic racism and other issues that are affected by racism and inequality in Bermuda”.

Today’s forecast calls for cloudy skies with periods of rain. In any case, the march will proceed as planned.