The Regulatory Authority (RA) is looking for public input on a preliminary report that assesses what customers should be liable to pay for on their monthly Belco bills.

The Review of the Retail Tariff Methodology, which is a framework to determine Belco’s revenue allowance for providing a service to its customers and recover costs linked to procuring electricity.

A RA spokeswoman said: “The purpose of the preliminary report is to present the RA’s assessment of the responses to the consultation document; present an updated Retail Tariff Methodology; and present a draft general determination and schedule.

“All comments should be clearly marked ‘Response to Preliminary Report, Preliminary Decision and Order: Review of Retail Tariff Methodology’ and should otherwise comply with Rules 18 and 30 of the RA’s Interim Administrative Rules, which are posted on the RA’s website.”

To file comments visit the RA’s website

‍Comments must be received by 11.59pm on May 17.