News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda, May 30, 2019 – The Regulatory Authority (‘RA’) has stated that no decision has
been made regarding the deployment of the Fifth Generation (5G) technology in Bermuda.
This statement is in response to a press release issued on Thursday (May 30) from Horizon Communication, indicating that ithey are successful in obtaining an Integrated Communication Operating Licence (ICOL) from the RA, they will launch services using 4G and 5G technology in Bermuda.
Denton Williams, Chief Executive of the Regulatory Authority commented: We are disappointed that Horizon Communication chose to publish their intent to deploy 5G based technologies, as the RA very recently advised them that there would be no consideration given to 5G at this time.
“Our position is that deploying 5G will result in a significant change of technology and its use. To make a comprehensive
assessment of its viability for Bermuda will require the input of the public and our stakeholders, througour normal public consultation process. Until such time, 5G will not be deployed in Bermuda.