News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Ministry of Public Works advises that an acute shortage of the number of operational garbage collection trucks for the Island has been improved thanks to valiant efforts by the Public Works team.

The Minister of Public Works Lt Col David Burch said: “We are pleased to report that we now have ten trucks in service, which amounts to 67 percent of our fleet, up from four trucks a few weeks ago.

“This is a marked improvement. I am extremely proud of the work that has been done to get the trucks back in service. 

We have taken some steps to improve the management at the Quarry, which is bearing fruit. Thanks to all for working hard to achieve this result.”

“I cannot stress how grateful we are for the adeptness of our Public Works team which wasted no time in focusing on coming up with a solution that has bolstered capacity.”

The Ministry reported on the truck shortage a few weeks ago due to difficulty obtaining critical parts for the vehicles from overseas suppliers.

Members of the public are encouraged to use the Tynes Bay public drop-off for the disposal of household waste, recycling, hazardous materials such as paints and pesticides, and bulky items.