The Ministry of Public Works and the Department of Parks acknowledged 17 members of staff for their years of service in Government.

The award ceremony took place at the CoCo Reef Resort.

A Ministry spokesperson said: “We are very appreciative of the dedication of our team at the Department of Parks. In that regard, we are pleased to celebrate their collective 305 years of service to the Government and the people of Bermuda.”

The individual tenures range from five (5) to 35 years. Those acknowledged were: Edgerton Maybury (5), Winton Woodley (5), Shaun Wainwright (10), Leonard Burgess (10), Shaun Lambert (15), Kahil Matthews (15), Sentwali Woolridge (15), Paul Thomas (15), Dennie Paynter (15), Renaud Chinapoo (15), Nelson Pimental (15), Gladwyn Ingham (20), Toundi Hollis (25), Roger Parris (25), Lana Woods (30), Dean Edness (35) and Ronald Tear (35).

Congratulations on your recognition and Merry Christmas!