The Minister responsible for the state of Bermuda’s roads says he is very satisfied with the completed paving of Watford Bridge and the recent roadworks near Henry VIII restaurant.

Providing an update on the ongoing road paving projects, Public Works Minister Lieutenant Colonel David Burch said the work near Henry VII will extend to the entrance of Fairmont Southampton.

“These two projects demonstrate our consistent efforts to fix our infrastructure,” said Col Burch.

“Additionally, the Ministry remains dedicated to ongoing pothole repairs by addressing areas in need promptly to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all road users.

“Our mission to enhance and improve Bermuda’s infrastructure is well underway,” he added.

“We are focused on maintaining our roadways and ensuring they meet the high standards our community deserves.”

Reflecting on the commitments announced in the 2023 Throne Speech and 2024/25 Budget presentation, he said he was “pleased with the progress being made to address Bermuda’s infrastructure challenges”.

“Infrastructure investment and improvement are hallmark pledges of the Government’s 2023 Throne Speech.

Moving forward, the Minister said: “We expect weather to be more conducive as the weeks and months progress and with this, the community can expect to see an acceleration in our roadworks maintenance.”

He also confirmed that the next area to be addressed will be South Road at Collectors Hill junction.

The Ministry will provide further outlined plans to address more areas in the coming weeks and months.