Public Works Minister Colonel David Burch formally opened the Farmers’ Market at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday.

Speaking before a crowd of vendors, patrons, consumers and Parks Department staff, Minister Burch said: “The Bermuda Farmers’ Market is a welcomed attraction for both locals and visitors alike. This year’s Farmers’ Market is noteworthy because the number of vendors has grown exponentially to its present size of 42. So, this is the largest Farmers’ Market to be held in Bermuda in several years.

“This home grown event has become a dynamic way for vendors to attract more people, by creating a community focused exchange of fresh produce and goods in support of our local economy.

“In fact the Farmers’ Market is considered the ‘hot spot’ to visit on Saturday mornings, where people can experience the hard work, talent and culture of Bermuda. So I wish to once again commend all the vendors for your efforts and commitment to not only ensure a welcoming event, but for simply providing an environment that reminds about being neighbourly and supportive of one another.”

Joined by Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown, Col Burch also acknowledged the Department of Parks for preparing the Botanical Gardens for this event and the Farmers’ Market Committee, headed by Ms Lucinda Worrell-Stowe.

The Farmers’ Market will continue until June 2018. Currently the hours of operation are 8am to 1pm during the pre-Christmas season, and will shift to 8am to 12 noon from January through to the end of June.

The Festival of Lights kicked off last evening as well. The event, which is also being sponsored by BELCO will support the Friends of Hospice. The Festival of Lights will continue each Friday and Saturday evening for the entire month of December.

  • Photos Courtesy of DCI