It’s that time again, when the Bermuda News Syndicate brings you another live interview with Public Works Minister Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch at 11am.
You’ve heard the latest on the once-a-week garbage collection plan, which will continue at least until the end of the year.
Last week he told you the latest on when the new garbage trucks are due to arrive. And later today, we’ll pick up where he left off on other Public Works related issues.
As you know public schools are now closed for the summer holiday.
Shortly after taking over the Ministry for a second time around, this time under the new Progressive Labour Party administration; which is now approaching their first anniversary since their General Election victory in July of last year, we saw Work Rallies move into high gear.
At that point in time, the Minister said the school maintenance model was outdated and flawed. Minister Burch vowed to scrap the antiquated system by bringing it up to date and more efficient, by conducting school maintenance projects throughout the year, instead of during the summer holiday.
What’s happened since then? What’s the status of mould in our public school buildings since last year? And what’s the biggest projects scheduled to take place this summer before the start of the new school year in September?
We’ll take a look at the road ahead for school repairs, the Ministry’s clamp down on overhanging trees and progress made to date on re-paving Bermuda’s roads islandwide.
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