In his first formal interview since his appointment as the new Minister of Public Works, Colonel David Burch said: “We have 23 garbage trucks, 13 were out of service as of July.”

That’s just one of a long list of priorities set now that he’s back in that Ministry for the second time in the last decade. 

Tune in tomorrow for the first segment of another two-part Bermuda Real news series with Col Burch, who discussed a number of issues, including the “terrible” state of Bermuda’s roads, expansion plans for the Hustle Truck program and the current status of preparations for the re-opening of the island’s public schools on September 11th. He also named the top three schools in the worst condition, with an update on what’s being done to fix them in time for the start of the new school year.

We’ll have that story and more in our Thursday website news line up – watch this space!

  • Photo Courtesy of DCI