The Ministry of Public Works issued a public reminder today, for residents who apparently missed the memo on the collection day for their areas during the once-a-week garbage collection schedule.

Householders were urged to “know your day”, while the one day a week schedule, which will remain in effect until April 27th.

And the Ministry of Public Works advised residents to ensure that they know their correct date, and place their garbage out on the right day.

Middle Road, Southampton West on Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Ministry notes that this will help in limiting the increase in unsightly roadside litter, rodents and other vectors. 

Now in its second week, it was clear in this reporter’s neighbourhood that Homestead Lane residents, like many others, including residents who live across the street, put their trash out on Sunday (seen here), for collection on Monday.

The post, prompted quite a bit of feedback from other residents complaining of similar problems in their areas.

One resident said her garbage collection day is Tuesday. “You should see all the trash out here since Sunday, guess my neighbours missed the memo also.”

Another resident, who lives in Devonshire said her trash collection day is on Tuesday, but residents in her area put their trash out over the weekend as well, possibly as early as Friday.

A Cobb’s Hill resident asked: “What is wrong with people.”

As a reminder, until April 27th garbage collection will occur as follows:

  • Monday: All of Sandys Parish & Western Southampton Parish down to and including Church Road
  • Tuesday: East of Church Road, Southampton, to and including Cobb’s Hill Road, Warwick
  • Wednesday: East of Cobb’s Hill, Warwick to Trimingham Hill and Crow Lane, Paget
  • Thursday: Pembroke east of Blackwatch Pass, Barnard’s Park, the junction of Court Street and North Street and Woodbourne Avenue. East of Paget from Trimingham Hill. All of Devonshire Parish. Smith’s Parish up to Devil’s Hole Hill. Western end of Hamilton Parish up to and including Flatt’s
  • Friday: Hamilton Parish from Flatt’s to the Causeway. Smith’s Parish from Devil’s Hole to Pink Beach. All of St George’s Parish, including St David’s

Questions regarding collection days should be directed to the Marsh Folly Collection Department on 292-1517.

Residents should continue to recycle TAG (tin, aluminum and glass bottles), following the 2018 Garbage and Recycling scheduled.

Further information about waste and recycling collection is available online at