It may not feel like it when your vehicle slams into one, but the Ministry of Public Works has “successfully filled more than 100 potholes spread across 21 different areas across the island“.

Updating MPs in the Lower House last week, Lt Col David Burch said his Ministry has “allocated a budget of just over $2 million for road works this year, plus an additional $900,000 from the previous fiscal year, bolstering our capability to undertake more substantial capital roadworks within this period“.

“While work continues on assessing our plant, we are working closely with East End Asphalt to both assist us with paving as well as providing our paving crews with asphalt,“ he said.

“This process will run in parallel with the plans for a new plant so that paving work can continue whilst we source a new plant.

“Efforts to increase funding for paving are also underway as we review our capital spending for the balance of this year.

“To be perfectly frank – this year has been a trying one for road paving as the equipment and plant have not been in the best shape,“ he added.

“Several months of repairs to the plant have still not brought it back into service. We have been collaborating with the supplier of the plant, who currently has a representative on the island reviewing the state of the plant and options for its replacement.

“We acknowledge the inconvenience caused by delays due to island-wide trenching, and we are committed to upgrading road conditions for the benefit of all motorists as soon as possible,“ said Col Burch.

“The repair and maintenance of our roads remain a top priority for the Ministry of Public Works. It’s crucial to emphasize that while the current inconveniences might cause frustration among the motoring public, the eventual benefits will be significant,“

He also noted that the ongoing infrastructure projects, such as BELCO’s $250 million capital plan and our Water and Wastewater Masterplan, involve:

  • Excavating our roads.
  • Safeguarding our freshwater supplies.
  • Fortifying our electrical infrastructure, and
  • Ensuring proper sewage disposal.

The Minister stressed that his Ministry is “committed to delivering on these two main Throne Speech initiatives while also managing the variety of other tasks that fall under the Ministry of Public Works“.

He also encouraged residents to continue to report potholes via email address —

All reports will be promptly attended to and rectified.