The Ministry of Public Works is advising that effective Monday, August 6th there will be some adjustments to the once a week trash collection map (attached), resulting in an expansion of the map for some areas. Please note:

  • Monday: All of Sandys Parish. Southampton Parish west up to and including Lighthouse Road from Middle Road to South Road
  • Tuesday: Southampton Parish east of Lighthouse Road. All of Warwick Parish. Paget west up to and including Chapel Road, S Hill and Southcote Road
  • Wednesday: Paget Parish east of Chapel Road, from, but not including S Hill and Southcote Road, and up to and including T-Street and Kent Avenue, Devonshire Parish. East Broadway. Cavendish Road. Pembroke Parish west of Blackwatch Pass
  • Thursday: Pembroke Parish east of Blackwatch Pass. Devonshire Parish east of T-Street. All of Smith’s Parish except the area east of Devil’s Hole Hil
  • The Friday collection zone remains the same.

The Ministry of Public Works takes this opportunity to thank the public for their cooperation.