News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Overall satisfaction with Bermuda Police Service has significantly increased this quarter.

Up from 58 percent to 75 percent, making it the highest it has been since 2009.
This according to the most recent Omnibus Survey.
Among the reasons for satisfaction, the perception that the BPS is doing a good job remains the most commonly cited answer.
Results also show that levels of satisfaction across all aspects of performance have increased since last quarter. Specifically, satisfaction with BPS’ investigation of anti-social behaviour, has significantly increased since last quarter, up 15 points.
The BPS’ ability to prioritise responses to emergency calls based on seriousness of crimes, remains the area of highest satisfaction, while our investigation of general crime is now seen as much improved from three months ago.
When asked how the BPS can even better serve the community, year-over-year, residents most commonly mention a desire for the BPS to have greater visibility to the public, though fewer residents made mention this quarter.
Other key mentions made include: increasing the number of community patrols, greater community involvement, faster response time, better training for officers, and greater public education. Areas which are already being addressed through current initiatives under the new policing strategy.
Commenting on these findings, Stephen Corbishley, the Commissioner of Police stated: “An important measure of our position as a police service is how the public perceives us.
“Therefore, we are subject to assessment each quarter in relation to the public’s satisfaction to our services and position in the community.
“The reason for this measure’s importance is trust and legitimacy.
“A community that trusts us is more likely to support our work, whether it be through appeals, information or other forms of engagement. We have significantly increased the level of satisfaction the public has with us from 58 percent to 75 percent.
“This is a fantastic achievement which can be attributed to many things.”
Those things include:
• Our work in regards to COVID
• Our response to tackle serious crime
• Our community engagement through Parish Constables and the Community Action Team
• Professional courtesy with the public across the board
• The work done by our Professional Standards Department in resolving complaints transparently and expeditiously.
• And finally, a greater level of public communications activity not least across social media