Local residents are being urged to help deter motorists  from riding their bikes over the St. George’s Golf Course which is under construction.

The rejuvenation of St George’s Golf Course, which has already added value to the homes of neighbouring homes, is a now much anticipated boon to our local community.

Sadly, the open space has attracted motorcyclists who do not appreciate that the damage they are causing is undoing the good work of the groundsmen.

Photos and a video of a recent offender is making its rounds, which is disheartening to workers who have taken great pride restoring the picturesque and challenging coastal golf course.

Kim Swan the St George’s West Member of Parliament, who is also a Golf Professional, offered a plea to the local community.

“The restoration of St George’s Golf Course is well underway and neighbouring property values are already increasing as a result. We as a community must do our part to encourage a culture that encourages respect for the golf course,” he said.

“MP Renee Ming and I are join with St George’s Community who are looking forward to the opening of the The St Regis Hotel and the renovated St George’s Golf Course, which will provide a much needed economic boost to St George’s.”