The fact that “the Government acknowledges the community’s concern and frustration with the poor state of Bermuda’s roads would be an understatement”, to say the least.

Hardly a day goes by without someone ranting about it and the length of time it would take to sort it out, not to mention the amount of money it would cost taxpayers in the long run.

It is also the main subject of a relatively new Facebook page on social media fully dedicated to Bermuda Potholes.

Not to mention the heavy rainfall in recent weeks, which was described by the Minister of Public Works to be of “biblical” proportions.

Nevertheless, Premier and Finance Minister David Burt reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to address it, by doubling the road paving budget to $5 million.

That allocation also came with funds to procure a new asphalt plant and related equipment.

The funds include money for “training and development for highways personnel to ensure more frequent, efficient, and cost-effective road works”.

Overall, the Ministry of Public Works has been allocated $77.3 million for the next fiscal year that starts on April Fools Day- representing an increase of $2.1 million primarily for salary uplifts.

According to Premier David Burt, who is also the Minister of Finance, “the ministry’s capital budget has been increased by $8.4 million to $56.5 million”.

Funds earmarked for other upgrades include capital funding “to combat the issue of affordable housing by increasing the grant to the Bermuda Housing Corporation.

And “investment will continue in the ageing Tynes Bay facility infrastructure to ensure its operational efficiency while plans for a full refurbishment are underway”.

“Additional capital investment is allocated for stabilising major walls and rockfaces along highways, developing Rooftop Solar across government buildings to reduce energy costs, commencing the replacement of Swing Bridge, and expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure,” said Mr Burt.

“Furthermore, work will commence on a new Department of Parks maintenance facility for the staff responsible for preserving the island’s natural beauty,” he added.

The new Budget Statement was delivered in the House of Assembly on Friday (Feb 16).

The official opposition reply will be delivered next week.

Top Feature Photo: Facebook – Bermuda Potholes