News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – “We have received initial feedback from stakeholders, and now we look forward to getting broader input on the proposed recommendations,” said Minister of Public Works Lt Col David Burch, as the Ministry launches the second phase of consultation over the regulatory structure governing water and wastewater.

With the assistance of water regulatory experts Castalia Advisors, this next phase of consultation will focus on the history of Bermuda’s regulatory structure surrounding the water and wastewater sectors and the process for determining recommendations. The discussion is entitled Sustainable Water Management for Bermuda’s Future.

Despite its successes, Bermuda’s existing water and wastewater infrastructure system has certain inefficiencies that could be addressed to make it more resilient and sustainable.

Some key recommendations from the first public consultation last year include having the Regulatory Authority (RA) assume some responsibility for the Island’s water and wastewater sectors.

The RA’s responsibility would include monitoring, approving and enforcing tariffs and service standards and monitoring competition among water truckers and septage hauliers.

Minister Burch added: “Bermuda’s lack of fresh-water springs, rivers, lakes and a centralised sewage disposal system makes us reliant on multiple complex systems that require careful monitoring and oversight to ensure that the Island’s water supply is safe and secure.

“The updating of the current regulatory structure for the water and wastewater sectors is also essential for ensuring that our water supplies and systems of waste disposal are managed efficiently and sustainably.”

The public is encouraged to visit to view the consultation document and submit feedback under Sustainable Water Management for Bermuda’s Future. The consultation ends on May 31, 2023.

Residents are encouraged to watch the live discussion on this subject on the Government of Bermuda’s Facebook page, which has been postponed to Tuesday, May 30, from 12pm to 1pm.

Hosts J Tarik Christopher from the Ministry of Public Works and John Ikeda from Castalia Advisors will discuss the consultation and take questions from viewers. Tari Trott will moderate it from the Department of Communications.

For further information or to contact the Department of Works and Engineering. Residents should email or telephone 278-0570.