News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Department of Culture will host its final Creatives Live! open air musical concert today.

The featured performance will be the sounds of the multi-piece band, Coral Beats. 

The popular midday concert which takes place on the steps of City Hall, is aimed at showcasing and supporting Bermuda’s talented artists.

Previous Creatives Live! performances included local singers Arijahknow LiveWires, Joy T Barnum and Olivia Hamilton, the Tino Martinez Quartet, The Unit Band, Working Title Band and others.

This Saturday the Coral Beats will perform from 12.30pm – 1.30pm.

Today the Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Dr Ernest Peets said :“Our first Creatives Live! event kicked off in February and it’s grown in popularity since. The pandemic has taken its toll on so many of Bermuda’s livlihoods and industries. Sadly, our creative community have also been affected. So these series of open air musical events provided an opportunity for our community to support Bermuda’s performing artists. These events were also a way to provide some moments of joy and upliftment during a difficult time for our community. And we’re very glad that these concerts and our local talent were so well received by the public.”

Creatives Live! is in keeping with the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. In that regard, members of the public are asked to physically distance as they enjoy the music at City Hall.

For more info about Bermuda’s creatives visit the Department of Culture’s online catalogue, please visit