News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Ministry of Public Works wishes to remind the public of the three-year joint initiative with BELCO launched in early 2020 to carry out coordinated road trenching across the island. The primary objective of this was to enable BELCO to conduct significant upgrades to its network. 

Following these works, the island will have a far more secure, reliable, state of the art infrastructure and no need for future road trenching for many years to come.

As the work continues, the public should be aware that much of the road surface in areas undergoing trenching is temporary and allows the underlying sub-base to compact before the final surfacing is completed. As such, road surfaces will be somewhat uneven until the final application. An example of this is on the eastern end of Harrington Sound Road.

The Ministry can advise that following further subsurface work by BELCO to be completed in three months, the final resurfacing work on Harrington Sound Road is expected to commence.

Motorists should exercise care and caution when travelling on all uneven road surfaces, especially where road works are ongoing.

The Ministry of Public Works apologizes for these temporary road conditions and thank the motoring public for their continued patience and cooperation during these critical infrastructure upgrades.