News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Bermuda Government continues working to provide accurate up to date information on COVID-19. Unfortunately, there are persons in the community committed to spreading false information, resulting in panic, confusion, fear, and frustration.

Recently, the government became aware of a voice note in circulation claiming that six (6) flights carrying 600 passengers are scheduled to arrive in Bermuda today. This information is false.

There is one charter flight scheduled to arrive today from London, Heathrow Airport, to return approximately 120 Bermuda residents and continue on to other destinations.

Another charter flight is scheduled to arrive in Bermuda from the U.S. tomorrow (7 March). This flight will return approximately 80 Bermuda residents and depart later that day with 44 U.S. Nationals to return home. The crew on both flights will not disembark in Bermuda.

Furthermore, to control the spread of COVID-19, every returning resident is required to complete a comprehensive health declaration form:, and will immediately undergo quarantine in a Government approved facility for 14 days

We understand many have not seen our loved ones for some time and emotions may get the best of us. However, friends and family members are urged to adhere to the mandatory Shelter in Place Guidelines and reminded the airport is not a permitted business, and as such, they cannot attend. Anyone found in contravention of the shelter in place guidelines without permission or just cause may be arrested and charged.

The Government is committed to keeping the public up to date and informed on all developments relating to COVID-19. As such, we urge against believing all that is shared, especially through social media, and ask that all information be verified through reputable sources.

To that end, the public can easily obtain the latest and most accurate information about COVID-19 through official government information sources by:

·         Downloading and installing the Bermuda Government Tree Frog app, available for free from the Apple and Google Play store.

·         Visiting for all news and updates.

·         Visiting the Government of Bermuda FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts for information.

·         Viewing government press conferences on Facebook or YouTube.

·         Calling the helpline at 441-444-2498 for questions or concerns about COVID-19, available from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.

·         Visiting for more accurate, reliable information regarding COVID-19.

·         The Government WhatsApp system – click on the link ( to start a chat, text the word ‘Hi” to receive all of our messages. The number is 504-6045.

The Ministry of Tourism and Transport thanks the public for their continued cooperation, consideration, and adherence to the shelter in place guidelines as we respond to the challenge of COVID-19 in Bermuda.