The big push to recruit more Bermudian employees back into the hospitality industry is a seasonal industry heavily affected by record declines in Bermuda’s air arrivals. And the knock on effect on hotel workers, as opposed to the booming cruise ship industry is a major factor.

In terms of dollars and cents, entry level hotel positions carry base salary rates as low as $5 to $6 per hour. Seasoned local hotel employees often supplement their annual salaries through other employment opportunities during the off season months.

While recruitment efforts have made some headway, the number of locals entering, or returning to careers in hospitality is not making the mark anticipated, and a big part of that has everything to do with the pay scale; particularly for entry level positions.

Gone are the days when pay cheques for bartenders and waiters could easily exceed $1,500 to $2,000 a week during the peak season. In today’s market base salaries have decreased significantly in several job categories.

In part two of a Bermuda Real look at what three young Bermudians have to say about their careers in hospitality, Ceola Wilson closes out the series with a somewhat controversial individual.

Makai Dickerson made local news headlines after he was selected to run as a Progressive Labour Party candidate to run in the last general election in December 2012.

His political aspirations were dashed by a police warning for possessing cannabis, when he and a group of friends were stopped at a checkpoint in Dockyard.

The vehicle search turned up a small quantity of cannabis, found in a cigarette box on his person.

Despite the criticism for what he admits was a mistake – life goes on in terms of his hotel career.

By Ceola Wilson