Prison Officers are set to meet with the executive of the Prison Officers Association later today, following the attack by inmates that left three officers, including a female officer injured on Friday.

The island’s maximum security prison was placed on lockdown for the weekend. No official word yet on when it will be lifted.

Speaking at a news conference on Friday, National Security Minister Wayne Caines said the inmates involved were put in segregation.

One officer suffered minor facial injuries, another officer injured a knee and the third officer injured sustained a back injury.

A full investigation is now underway, but in the interim, the Minister said: “This matter is under control. We have a contingency plan if things escalate. We do not believe they will escalate.”

He also stated that the safety and security of prison officers and staff was a priority.

“We believe that the protection of all of our officers in all of our facilities is paramount.”

“We want to make sure that the officers involved in this are not only getting the support through treatment…but making sure they are getting the necessary psychological help that they need directly after.”