The first of the world class set of sailing crafts in the America’s Cup 2017 have arrived in Bermuda, with more expected as early as May 2015.

A large container carrying two foiling catamarans was off-loaded at the Royal Naval Dockyard on Friday, January 16th, and assembled at West End Yachts.

The NACRA F20 crafts, owned by the British syndicate are 20-feet long, and designed to reach speeds up to 30mph.

Plans to forever change the face of Dockyard in the lead up to the prestigious event moved into high gear in December.

Work has already begun in Dockyard – ‘Home of the America’s Cup’ in June 2017 – with a massive land reclamation project to build the AC Village on 11.1 new acres of land mass.

With large groups involved in the planning stages both locally and abroad, Wedco General Manager Andrew Dias said the installation of pylons got underway last year.

The deadline set for completion is December 31, 2016, in the lead up to the big event. And the anticipated boost for Bermuda’s construction industry is about to take off up at the west end.

Ceola Wilson reports on initial preparations for the multi-million dollar event to be hosted by the smallest country ever to host the great race for the oldest trophy in the international sports arena.

By Ceola Wilson