• The following Bermuda Day Message was released by Premier David Burt…
Photo by Hooked on Bermuda

Hello Bermuda.

2020 continues to be a different and challenging year. Usually by now, spots to watch the runners and the parade have been selected and are being jealously guarded.

Food is being cooked and outfits are being laid out in anticipation of the official start of the summer.

2020 is different. As a result of this COVID-19 pandemic, we have been doing so many things differently, and of course Bermuda Day is no exception.

Photo by Forever Bermuda

Every year, like so many Bermudians, my family and I look forward to watching the parade and the runners and the chance to mingle with all of you on the sidewalks enjoying the warm hospitality of so many people.

This year, each of us will celebrate Bermuda Day from a distance; inside our homes, in our own yards, or with our close friends maintaining physical distance.

I encourage each of us to be safe, and remember the reason for the holiday: honoring our heritage, reflecting on our culture and celebrating our people.

This year, we still have much to celebrate.

We have seen a unity of spirit and a unity of purpose born out of our community’s time of need. The way we have rallied during these last several weeks has made me proud of our Island and our people.

We have a rich history and a diversity of ideas, faiths and people. Our differences have been laid aside and from mosques to churches, community clubs to luxury hotels, we have pulled together and worked together.

That is the true spirit we celebrate this Bermuda Day.

Hospital and healthcare staff, Regiment soldiers and firefighters, police officers, bus operators, grocery and retail store workers and men and women in the private and public sectors have all shown us how invaluable their work has been during this time.

Thank you to you all.

On behalf of the Government of Bermuda, I wish everyone a very Happy Bermuda Day.

Have a happy and safe holiday.