The good news – Bermuda remains free of confirmed cases of Covid-19, in the wake of what is now a global pandemic as local authorities await test results from additional tests with the hope “that those tests will also be negative”.

Premier David Burt said Bermuda was “fortunate due to our isolation and the fact that it is not high tourism season”.

But while “the island had the ability to be ‘nimble’ and mitigate the impact of the virus” he said: “There are some realities for which we must prepare, even if things do not reach a crisis point.”

Speaking at a news conference on Thursday (March 12), Premier David Burt said the Government’s public health emergency response team had yet to make a decision on whether to restrict public gatherings and events such as the Carifta Games.

In the event that local students needed to be sent home from school, he said plans were in place to be implemented.

Civil servants were also told to cancel “non-essential travel”.


Highlights of the Premier’s Full Statement

There has been a daily flow of information to the public, as we are determined to learn lessons from those countries where the virus is spreading more rapidly.

As of last week, the Government had prepared for public employees to work remotely if necessary.

Extra protective equipment such as gloves and masks have been ordered and are en route to the island, along with thermal imaging equipment for scanning of travellers at Bermuda’s ports of entry.

Our public health response is about minimising transmission to make sure our public health system is not overwhelmed.

Strict screening continues at ports of entry to Bermuda.

All essential service will continue functioning and shipping is not expected to be disrupted.

Carnival cruise lines announced it was suspending operations of its Princess Cruises until May 10. However, the Princess line does not call on Bermuda.