In response to the video circulating like wildfire on social media that listed Bermuda’s Premier David Burt as the fourth richest in the ‘Top 10 Wealthiest Caribbean Political Leaders of 2023’, the Premier has stated outright that the allegations are “completely false”.

The big talk after the video was posted by Bermuda Real yesterday (Feb 2), was that the section on Mr Burt had been removed.

In a statement issued last night in response to our report on the video that garnered close to 100,000 views shortly after it was posted by J-irie, it was also noted that “the creators have addressed it”.

“I am aware of the video which has been circulating on social media which includes complete inaccuracies regarding my personal finances, have no factual basis, no reputable source, and are completely false,” said Mr Burt.

“My office has been in contact with the video’s creators, and expressed concerns regarding the inaccurate information it contains. The video’s creators have since issued an apology acknowledging the videos inaccuracies and have removed the segment of the video featuring the false claims.

“It is important that inaccurate content such as this is addressed, as it only serves to create division in our country and shows a lack of compassion for the economic challenges that the hard working people of Bermuda are facing today.

“The Government continues to work to address these challenges, particularly as we prepare to deliver the 2023/24 Budget on 17 February in the House of Assembly. We will not allow false allegations to distract us from the work we do on behalf of all Bermudians.

“The Government remains committed to delivering on its promises to the people of this country, and we look forward to delivering the Budget in the coming weeks and laying out a path to a better Bermuda.”

The video, produced by J-irie for Caribbean Lifestyle, listed Premier Burt as the fourth richest in the ‘Top 10 Wealthiest Caribbean Political Leaders of 2023’, with a net value of US$47.8 million.