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Premier David Burch issued a staunch reminder on Tuesday that the deadly coronavirus does not discriminate against “race, employment status, or nationality”.

This after receiving reports that ongoing breaches of the Shelter in Place order is crossing lines.

Speaking at the latest news conference on Tuesday, Mr Burt said: “The stories that I’m hearing or the breaches are taking place across racial and economic and social boundaries.

“And we have to remember that this disease does not see race, employment status, or nationality, and neither does the selfish reckless stupidity, that has revealed itself within our community.

“And yes I have said that, because in some cases people are being selfish, people are being reckless, and they are not acting with the basis of common sense.

“Understand, every single point in time, that you mix and mingle with persons who are not a part of your household; whether they are still allowing children to go over to other person’s houses for playdates, neighbors standing together and communing not wearing masks, and actually not maintaining social distancing and talking, you risk spreading this virus to your family.

“The reason why we are extending the Shelter in Place is the advice is for two complete incubation cycles, given the recent increase in cases which we’ve seen,” said Mr Burt.

“If you do not follow it and observe these rules, you can put yourself and your family at risk.

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“The vast majority of Bermudians are following these rules and regulations and I implore you, if you are not, think about it. I do not want there to be a situation where there are more and more of our vulnerable persons who succumb to this illness. I know that this is not vital, but it is important to save lives,” he added.

“I do want to say, on another note, dealing with small and medium sized businesses before I move on.

“To the email address last (Monday) night, I received a number of messages from persons who run daycare centers who are upset at the comments I made.

“I’m a big enough man that I can apologize and I can say I’m sorry if I offended anyone due to the tone and nature of my comments.

“I did not try to loop everyone inside of the same group, and I recognize that there are different circumstances for different persons.

“I do understand that many daycare services are actually providing some formal learning and support, and I do recognize that others are taking care of their employees. As you have been closed down by the governmen t, just like many other businesses, the relief package which will be announced tomorrow, will also be there to assist you during this difficult time.

“Each of us must seek new ways to find this time for ourselves,” said Mr Burt.

“We do have the opportunity to learn and grow during this Shelter in Place. We can take advantage of the free learning opportunities that are offered online or through the Department of Workforce Development and the FinTech business unit.

“During the next two and a half weeks, I’m going to ask persons to take responsibility for their actions because unfortunately we are still hearing stories of people participating in activities which are at this point in time, unlawful, done in the full knowledge of increased cases and deaths that are occurring on our island.”