A “new plan to create savings in healthcare for Bermudians” will be announced soon, according to Premier David Burt.

That was one of the announcements made in a national address, marking the second anniversary of the Progressive Labour Party’s landslide victory at the polls in the last General Election, held on July 18, 2017.

In his address, entitled ‘Two Years Working For The People’, Premier Burt said: “Changing an unjust and entrenched system that have become part of our every day lives takes time.

“This Government believes that access to affordable healthcare is a basic human right.

“For 50 years Bermuda has had a system that has been more focused on profits than on people.

“Change is necessary and change is what we were elected to bring. We have started that process of change and in keeping with our promise in the coming weeks we will present a new plan to create savings in healthcare for Bermudians.”