Mirrors Programme members presented Premier David Burt, with students’ artwork from their Second Annual Art and Digital Competition entitled, ‘Bermuda: Our Community”,  held during in the Spring term.
The Premier was joined by The Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs Senator Kathy Simmons.
A spokesperson said: “This summer, the Premier attended the Art and Digital Competition Reception at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art where he expressed his appreciation and acknowledgment of the quality of the artwork submitted by the students. Consequently, Mirrors decided to present him with a selection of the artwork from the exhibit.”
Premier Burt stated: “The caliber of artwork our students produce is outstanding. I extend my thanks to Mirrors for organizing this annual competition and providing an outlet for our young people’s creativity. By recognizing and celebrating their work we will give our students the encouragement and confidence to continue to express themselves through the arts. I look forward to displaying these paintings in locations throughout Government, including a few in my office.”
The young student artists (and their chosen artwork) included: Yanni Squire (Bermuda), Logan Jones (Bermuda Cricket), Tatiana Butterfield (Bermuda Longtail), Kayla Raymond (Gombey) and Julia Pimentel (Hidden Gems”.
Additionally, Berkeley Institute student Shaania Haak’s piece ‘Her Majesty’ was donated to The Mirrors Office.
Photos Courtesy of DCI