Photo: Tony Burgess, Facebook

Now that we are on the other side of Hurricane Paulette, Premier David Burt said: “After a night and day of high winds, driving rain and exceptional waves…thankfully without any loss of life, serious personal injury and less damage to property than we might have expected. We have weathered the storm.”

Speaking at a post hurricane briefing on Monday (September 14), after he was “in close contact with Minister Renee Ming and her Disaster Risk Management team over the last two days”, Mr Burt thanked the Minister and her team “for their professionalism and commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone in Bermuda”.

“The forecast warnings from the Bermuda Weather Service gave us time to prepare and that preparation undoubtedly will make our restoration efforts smoother.

“As the Minister and the various agencies now reporting into the EMO brace themselves for the hard work of returning Bermuda to normal operations, it is vital that we support them by following all guidelines and advisories.

“Let them work free from the hindrance of unnecessary traffic and interruption.

Photo: Royal Bermuda Regiment

“There are well rehearsed plans in place and now they will be executed. This was to have been a busy week for the community.

“Our public schools were set to open and advance polling had been facilitated. While both these activities did not take place today (Monday), they will proceed as soon as it is safe to do so,” he added.

“This Island and all who call it home have managed a hectic 2020. With good humor and an understanding of the importance of unity in times of adversity, we have responded well to the challenge of the pandemic. Mother Nature has set about testing us yet again. I for one am extremely confident in the resilience of our people, our institutions and our systems.

“We have been on this road before and with our customary strength of character, we will travel it again – together.”